PHOTOS: Cambodian New Year Festival in White Center

12:21 PM: The celebration is on, rain or shine! Until 5 pm, the Cambodian New Year Festival is happening on SW 98th in downtown White Center.

As announced by the Cambodian Cultural Alliance of Washington, it’s “a day full of entertainment, food, and fun! … tons of activities for children and parents: Banana-eating contest, Cambodian hacky sack (saiee) 8 vs 8 … Robam dances, guest speakers, poetry, live Cambodian band, live performances with Cambodian Classical instruments, local talents, open mic …. and many more. There will also be booths for community sponsors, and vendors selling delicious food! Free photo booth with a photo to take home for memories. Admission is FREE and all are welcome.”

ADDED 6:25 PM: Photos from a re-created traditional wedding procession during the festival:

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2 Responses to “PHOTOS: Cambodian New Year Festival in White Center”

  1. Dee Hodginson Says:

    we were at the Festival at Ten and stayed at least 45 minutes.
    There seemed to be one place to eat and the band was setting
    up the whole time. We would like to understand more about what the Festival was about. There were many Monks sitting at the table and much chanting going on. Please explain more.
    Would like to concern going again next year.

  2. Pretty simple – it’s a cultural festival celebrating the New Year. If you have specific questions, the festival’s sponsoring organization would be the best people to ask – their contact info is here: