WHITE CENTER McDONALD’S: Teardown to be followed by ‘cutting-edge’ rebuild

Thanks to the readers who tipped us that the White Center/North Burien McDonald’s is being torn down. Their tips came with the question: What will replace the 38-year-old building? Answer: A new McDonald’s. This was just confirmed by Derek Morrison, a regional media contact for the fast-food giant, who replied to our inquiry:

To clarify, this restaurant is NOT closing, it is undergoing a complete rebuild. This rebuild is going to reflect the McDonald’s of the future, with a cutting edge and elevated experience in both the drive-through and inside the restaurant.

Also, after going by the site earlier today and seeing the banner identifying the contractor as Ziva Enterprises, we found “before” photos on that company’s Facebook page along with a comment that they’re hoping to be done by Christmas.

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12 Responses to “WHITE CENTER McDONALD’S: Teardown to be followed by ‘cutting-edge’ rebuild”

  1. Cutting edge and elevated experience hahaha
    That sounds super spiritual. Are we still talking French fries?

  2. Given that we are in a time when people are even ordering McDonald’s food for delivery … I think everything’s on the table, so to speak.

    (Disclosure, McDonald’s was my first job, at age 16, many years and miles away.)

    I’ve seen images of some McD’s with ordering kiosks inside instead of human counter personnel …

  3. In Europe, a lot of McDonald’s have kiosk pre-ordering. I wonder if that’s what they mean by “cutting edge”.

  4. This is the McDonald’s closest to our house, I’m glad it is being replaced. When we were in London, England earlier this summer the McDonald’s inside Victoria Station was almost all automated with just Kiosks to order. There was a counterperson to give you your order. This is what $15.00 an hour is going to bring to more places!

  5. Well, if you’re referring to Seattle’s $15/hour minimum wage (eventually – not there yet), this isn’t within the city limits. Does Burien have a $15/min?

  6. When I shared this news with my 3rd grader she said the only thing that would make McDonald’s cutting edge is healthy food.

  7. Colleen Bowie Says:

    I was at the Grand Opening of this McDonald’s 38 years ago!

  8. McDonald’s spokesman Derek Morrison also went on to say, “While we are updating the sight with a better representation of the future and cutting edge amenities, we want to be clear with our customers: We still plan to continue killing our customers slowly with the same unhealthy food that McDonald’s has be committed to serving over the decades.”

  9. Is this blog able to list an address? That would help readers to know where this is.

  10. What Chris said.

  11. Scott Henderson Says:

    Anyone know what’s going on with the property on 16th & 112th?