White Center restaurants: Opening night for CTO

As of less than an hour ago, the new Chinese takeout restaurant adjacent to Beer Star and Li’l Woody’s has opened. It’s called CTO – get it? – here is how they explain what they are doing:

We stopped by around mid-afternoon to confirm that they indeed were opening tonight, and they confirmed it. The tables were ready (dine in OR take out):

According to the CTO website, they’ll be open Sunday – Thursday 4 pm – 9 pm, Friday – Saturday 4 pm – 10 pm for starters (9809 16th SW).

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9 Responses to “White Center restaurants: Opening night for CTO”

  1. How about using fresh snow peas, sliced carrots, sprouted beans, and those little baby corn cobs. No one else makes real fried rice.

  2. We picked up a menu while over at Lil Woody’s and Beer Star last night. Sadly, things look incredibly overpriced. $8 for two egg rolls?$14 for Mongolian Beef that is usually closer to $9 or $10 everywhere else? I know they’re doing some special sourcing on ingredients but they’ve brought “Seattle Prices” to an area already saturated with tasty, more budget-friendly options.

  3. Too Funny
    I drove thru WC last night noticing all the new restaurants and other business opening up and remember thinking “We need a Chinese restaurant”
    My wife and I are looking forward to trying it out.

    GOOD LUCK in your endeavors

  4. Wow – we can’t wait to try this! There is definitely a lack of good Chinese food in this neck of the woods. Can’t wait!

  5. waikikigirl Says:

    The hubby and I stopped there last night on our way home, ordered Szechwan Chicken and Fried Rice, long wait which was expected for a Friday night and current opening but the food wasn’t “great” it was just ok and you have to like a lot of salt to which we both do not! We’ll give them another try (maybe) down the road.
    And as MB states “expensive”

  6. cherie hawley Says:

    Terrible, terrible, we had the Mongolian Beef, and Cashew chicken,, both soo bad and soooo salty,, if they are trying to offer healthy they should TASTE the food before serving,, will not return or recommend to friends.

  7. I went here Sunday night and loved it! I was surprised how wonderful the atmosphere in the whole Beer Star/Li’l Woody’s/CTO space is. It’s bright and airy, and everyone looks like they are having a really great time. I got the sweet and sour tofu, and I loved it. I agree with the people that say it’s more than you would expect to pay for cafe style at this location. I disagree with the people that say it was too salty. I dislike salt, and my dish was delicious. To offset the price, it was a good amount of food. If I wasn’t too hungry, I might be able to turn it into two meals. I will definitely be back to try their other tofu dishes.

  8. Question Mark Says:

    Makes me wonder if these restaurants and beer stop will continue to be as popular if King County permits a marijuana grow operation in the basement as it is currently considering …

  9. Captain obvious Says:

    Do really think people in white center are that concerned about a cannabis grow operation.

    Question mark in all the blogs in the area all you do is complain about how many pot shops are in white center and sky way. No ones cares a lot of us here in white center like pot and choose to consume for ether medical or recreational reasons. If you don’t like pot then I suggest you move some ware where it’s not legal. If you don’t like the way king county runs things then move out of king county. Your issues seem to affect your over all attitude and life. Over something you can’t change your self. Bickering on blogs is not going change it ether.