TOMORROW: Community meeting for ‘traffic garden’ at Dick Thurnau Park

We mentioned three months ago that this was in the works – and now the first public meeting about it will bring out lots of information. Tomorrow (Thursday) night, you’re invited to come hear about the “traffic garden” planned at Dick Thurnau Memorial Park. From the King County Parks website:

In collaboration with King County Parks, White Center CDA, the YES Foundation and other community partners, Cascade Bicycle Club is building the state’s first traffic garden in Dick Thurnau Memorial Park. The park already has a happenin’ disk golf course but an often forgotten tennis court which allows for the perfect space to build a traffic garden. Come to the meeting to see the proposals and give your feedback We would love to hear your input!

Hold up, what’s a traffic garden? It’s a miniature streetscape for youth and adults to learn to practice bike handling and traffic safety. Although the concept is relatively new in the United States, traffic gardens have been in use in other countries for many years (see video above). They are particularly helpful in learning appropriate bike etiquette. Bikes are becoming much more common in King County and with new confusing systems such as bike boxes (those giant green squares) it’s so important for cyclists to understand the rules of the road. Once the facility is built, Cascade will offer youth and adult bicycling programs at the traffic garden.

The meeting is tomorrow night, 5:30-7:30 pm at Dick Thurnau Park in the TAF Bethaday Community Learning Space (605 SW 108th).

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One Response to “TOMORROW: Community meeting for ‘traffic garden’ at Dick Thurnau Park”

  1. John Roberts Says:

    Traffic Garden? I know the idea/name is for a good cause but – COME ON! This is like a PC version of Orwell’s “The Animal Farm”.