One more day to vote in emergency-radio-system levy

We found Fred and Joe at the ballot-dropoff van outside Greenbridge Library on Monday, and you’ll find the van there from 10 am-8 pm today – your last chance to get the ballots in for the levy to raise money to replace the area’s emergency-radio system. In the first of its nine years, the rate will be 7 cents for every thousand dollars of property valuation, so if you have a house valued at $400,000, this will cost you $28. If you’re mailing your ballot, remember you need to provide a stamp, and get it postmarked by tonight; if you use the drop van (or another county dropoff spot), you do NOT need a stamp.

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One Response to “One more day to vote in emergency-radio-system levy”

  1. Right after the vote and king county crying poor mouth they came up with enough money to give 14000 KC employees three months sick leave if they have a baby. That adds up to 250 million dollars. How come we didn’t get a chance to vote on that