Most likely spot for a White Center recreational-pot store: 9600 block of 16th SW

The state Liquor Control Board went public today with its list of how applicants for recreational-marijuana stores placed in the license lottery. Of 44 applicants in the unincorporated area, which is reported to be getting 11 stores, the highest-placing White Center applicants were OSK Enterprises, 9616 16th SW (the Smoke Town storefront), placing #6, and Sound THC, 9640 16th SW #D (site of Northwest Cannabis Market), placing #21. They were followed by Kronic, 9823 15th SW #D, at #33, and right behind that, Green Leaf Care, 9625 16th SW, at #34.

You can download the full statewide list, which has a tab for each area/city, from this page on the state Liquor Control Board website. Licenses are expected to be issued by early July, according to this state FAQ.

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4 Responses to “Most likely spot for a White Center recreational-pot store: 9600 block of 16th SW”

  1. I was under the impression that there wouldn’t be any stores in White Center because of proximity to schools, parks etc. Did I misunderstand?

  2. This is what was drawn in the lottery. Not a final awarding of licenses but you would expect they had vetted the addresses before going through the lottery:

  3. Thanks for the link. The applicants still have to go through a process that includes assuring compliance with the 1,000 foot rule.

  4. …hopefully they won’t be in White Center due to promitiy of schools, parks, churches. Will our legislatur help our community to ensure there will not be any stores in WC?