Followup: SW Roxbury safety study update; modifications planned

A few months ago, North Highline Unincorporated Area Council joined community groups on the Seattle side of the line in pushing for a safety study of SW Roxbury. This week, the Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council provided an update. From WWRHAH secretary Joe Szilagyi‘s online summary of the group’s Tuesday meeting:

All the studies are done. SDOT has met with both King County Metro and their King County DOT peers several times now. They came up with an extensive list of minor to moderate modifications along the length of Roxbury from 35th all the way east to Olson & 4th that they believe can improve the flow of traffic, bring speeders in line with the posted legal speed limits, and significantly improve the safety of the arterial corridor. SDOT has not heavily detailed the solutions to us, but they emphasized that compared to other arterials, the work on Roxbury shouldn’t be particularly difficult or invasive, and would utilize simpler solutions.

SDOT will run outreach programs to White Center, Arbor Heights, Westwood, Roxhill, North Highline, Highland Park, including at least two public feedback meetings, one in the day and one in the evening, and will run outreach booths at the Roxbury Safeway. The public meetings will be coming in the February to March time frame, at locations and times to be determined.

Additional good news to come out of this: the missing link of the Roxbury sidewalk across the street from Roxhill Elementary School, on the south side of Roxbury between 30th and 27th, is in the process of being funded via a grant with the County. For the first time in as far as most people seem to be able to remember, Roxbury will have continuous sidewalks.

At this point, WWRHAH, HPAC, and NHUAC aside from providing additional feedback are done, and this is fully an SDOT operation now.

NHUAC meets tonight, if you missed our earlier reminder – North Highline Fire District HQ as always, with the agenda including Metro talking about the status of its potential cuts in the White Center/West Seattle area (and beyond) – that means the meeting starts early, with Metro having a mini-open house of sorts to answer questions and provide information.

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  1. westseattledood Says:

    Very nice job you guys. Heaps of thanks!