Rat City = Art City: White Center’s new art walk debuts tonight

A new name and new night for White Center’s art walk – and tonight (Thursday), just hours away, is its debut. It’s now Rat City Art City, and you’ll find it at venues around White Center on the second Thursday of the month, 6-9 pm. The official Rat City Art City website has the lineup for tonight, with venues and artists. The venues listed as participating tonight:

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Ave SW)
Center Studio (9611 16th Ave SW)
Company (9608 16th Ave SW)
Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW)
Full Tilt (9629 16th Avenue SW)
GnuOrganics (9988 15th Ave SW, Ste G)
Herban Legends (9169 16th Ave SW)
King County Sheriff’s Office (9609 16 Av SW)
Meanders (9635 16th Ave SW)
Proletariat Pizza/ Caffe Delia (9622-A 16th Ave SW)
Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury St)
Southgate Roller Rink (9646 17th Ave SW)
Zippy’s Giant Burgers (9614 14th Ave SW)

Rat City Art City is also on Facebook, here.

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2 Responses to “Rat City = Art City: White Center’s new art walk debuts tonight”

  1. They never showed up to hang art in the rink. Very poor form, once again.

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