One Night Count finds 51 people without shelter in White Center

51 people in White Center were among more than 2,700 counted early this morning by hundreds of volunteers around King County for the annual One Night Count of homeless people. The countywide tally is five percent more than a year earlier, according to a news release:

2,736 men, women and children had no shelter in King County last night, a small increase over those found without shelter last year. Last year, volunteers found 2,594 people surviving outside without shelter.

Teams of volunteers with trained leaders are dispatched from ten locations throughout the county to count every person they see outside overnight on one night in January. Approximately 800 volunteers counted people trying to survive in cars, tents, all night buses, hospital emergency rooms, or curled up in blankets under bridges or in doorways.

The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness, an independent coalition of organizations and individuals that works on homelessness issues in our region, organizes the count, now in its 33rd year.

A breakdown of how many people were found in what circumstances – cars, doorways, etc. – is in the second half of this document, and that includes the 51 people reported in WC as being without shelter when volunteers saw them early today.

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2 Responses to “One Night Count finds 51 people without shelter in White Center”

  1. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …how many are mentally unstable/drug addicts/felons/fleeing the law, we are not a social service neighborhood, perhaps you should have MH professionals/Social workers to place them elsewhere, outside an already burdened residential community.

  2. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …maybe the “teams” of counters could take just one person into their abode…