Pro-annexation signs where they shouldn’t be? Here’s how to report them

On behalf of the pro-annexation campaign, Liz Giba wants to get out this message: She says some annexation-support signs have been moved – by parties unknown – to places they shouldn’t be, like trees and utility poles. “We didn’t do it,” she says, and they want to help get those signs down. So if you have seen a pro-annexation sign in a place like that, please e-mail

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3 Responses to “Pro-annexation signs where they shouldn’t be? Here’s how to report them”

  1. So bizarre. Personal views on annexation aside… there had been some sense of courteous respect between the groups. This improper signage display doesn’t settle with me. As mentioned by others, MORE signs appeared… they weren’t merely moved around. If that means the pro side had EXTRA signs that ended up getting “misplaced”… that doesn’t demonstrate very good leadership.

    Independent White Center could have done the same if they really wanted to. But they followed the rules. Labeled their signs and put them in appropriate places. They called people in the community, door belled and talked to them about what annexation means. If the pro annexation side really wants White Center incorporated, they should build up more support of people… instead of have just a few folks inappropriately placing their signs.

    Maybe we won’t really find out how this happened.. but we do know it happened so close to election day. Someone felt they needed to get their message out at whatever means… signs of dedication OR desperation.

  2. I would like to commend WCN from staying above the fray of all this bickering on pro/anti annexations. I’ve found this site to be the most balanced and neutral. That and Burien Daily ;-)

    Joey Martinez

  3. As one of the individuals who has been active in maintaining and installing signs for the no-annexation side I find these excuses to be ridicules. The number of pro-annexation signs that went up in a 24-hour period illegally on power poles, street signs, and trees plus the legal ones on wire stands throughout Area Y and surrounding areas easily doubled the number of pro-annexation signs installed. All the signs I saw where new and fresh off the press. I know this because I drove around for a few hours and took pictures tell my I-Pod ran out of juice and then continued to drive appalled at the audacity of the people who did this. To see what I saw

    Furthermore signs that I placed the day before I found that day to have a pro-annexation sign placed inches in front of, rude in anyone’s language. Also now that I see that most of the signs have been removed (ripped off) I have noticed that there was no attempt to remove the industrial staples including the ones on trees.

    As I write this I am fully expecting the pro-annexation side will spin this around and make me the bad guy and honestly it is exactly like dealing with my X. But then as I told one incensed business owner who just had a bad encounter with two pro-annexation guys removing the illegally placed signs “this is what we can expect if we join Burien.”

    My name is Pat LeMoine and this is just one more reason why I am against annexation.