Volunteers celebrate after another successful White Center Spring Clean

On the plaza at Greenbridge early this afternoon, the maroon-shirted volunteers who had just spent hours cleaning, painting, you name it, weren’t resting – they were dancing! (Video to come.) That was part of the 9th annual White Center Spring Clean‘s celebration at the plaza – as was a martial-arts demonstration:

King County Sheriff Steve Strachan was there too, at left in the next photo, with White Center Storefront Deputy BJ Myers, just days after his official swearing-in:

Even as the Greenbridge event unfolded, other Spring Clean volunteers were still busy – the multiple-panel mural along 17th SW north of Roxbury was a hub of activity:

The crew we found working there included Aileen Sison from the White Center Chamber of Commerce, one of the partners in this project. (added) Commenters point out that the project is headed up by Brittany Trujillo from Seattle Silkscreening Company. Here’s a panel, closeup:

In downtown White Center, the new wayfinder was going up atop the kiosk at 98th and 16th. We photographed it around noon:

And thanks to Liz for sharing this photo of Troop 1775, part of today’s volunteer workforce:

If you were part of today’s Spring Clean, some local businesses are offering rewards – get a cone for half price at Full Tilt Ice Cream if you’re wearing your Spring Clean T-shirt; wearing the T-shirt and dining in at Proletariat Pizza gets you $2 off a whole pie.

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9 Responses to “Volunteers celebrate after another successful White Center Spring Clean”

  1. The lead on this project was actully Brittany Trujillo owner of Seattle Silk Screening Co, also a chamber board member.

  2. Great! Congrats to Brittany. We didn’t have any advance info on this and just stopped by; we mentioned Aileen because we saw her there, not implying she was project lead. Thanks!

  3. Joseph Trujillo Says:

    The mural project on 17th & Roxbury was headed by my daughter Brittany Trujillo. She is a chamber board member and spent alot of time on this project with 4 separate artist. A full day and a great day. Hoping or the correction. Thanks guys.

  4. Even at that Tracy-the article was still an informative, well written and designed one. Thanks!!

  5. Lea Engle Says:

    The murals are awesome! I’m so excited to see that someone made that area pretty, it was VERY rough looking before. Thanks Brittany and everyone else who helped!

  6. Thanks for including our photo of Troop 1775! These girls live right there, in and around the area. We were volunteering at White Center Heights, where most of them attended elementary school. It meant a lot to all of us to be working on the grounds of their old school. Great post!

  7. Dick & Marcia Says:

    Brittany Trujillo did a great job turning that run down building on 17th into a sparkling showcase for White Center!
    Thank you Brittany.

  8. Dick & Marcia Says:

    Marcia here, with Dick. We’d like to open a discussion about trash, that is, litter. It’s omnipresent in White Center, and has been for years, but we could change that, if enough people were interested in picking it up. It’s something that needs doing on a daily basis, not just once a year, because litter happens every day. We both pick it up every day, but I think most residents don’t even really see it, they’re so used to it. Any ideas out there on how to motivate folks to keep their area clean?

  9. […] Lea Kuchan and her 9-year-old daughter have been picking up litter and cleaning away graffiti as a labor of love – both in small day-to-day efforts and as part of big events like White Center Spring Clean. […]