Oxbow’s organic produce coming to White Center

Just in from Stefanie of Proletariat Pizza, word that “Oxbow Farm‘s CSA will now be delivering to our area, and Proletariat will be the pick up spot this June. Oxbow is a fantastic organic farm in Carnation- their quality of produce is well known and respected- and it’s only available in limited areas, during a limited time (our shorter growing season), and I am so excited that such a fantastic CSA is now available here! It’s a perfect supplement to growing one’s own veggies and occasional trips to the Farmers’ Market.”

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5 Responses to “Oxbow’s organic produce coming to White Center”

  1. White Center also has a nice selection of Veggies and fruits , Lees Produce on Delridge

  2. Thanks for sharing – this is AWESOME news! I’ve been looking for a good CSA and this is perfect timing!

  3. Awesome. I just signed up!

  4. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    Lee’s produce is ok for the produce close or at its pull dates, but the prices are not marked and the cashier will charge you diffently on the whim, for that reason I will not shop there anymore.

  5. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …just signed up for OXBOW…thank you for letting us know about them.