features Tyrone Curry

Thanks to Josh for the tip: takes an in-depth look at the tale of Tyrone Curry, whose election as Highline Public Schools board member is about to be certified – though of course, with his coaching achievement and post-lottery philanthropy, that’s only a sliver of his story. Read it here.

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2 Responses to “ features Tyrone Curry”

  1. I’d heard a little bit about this story, but never read the whole thing. That ESPN article is an amazing account. Way to go Tyrone!

  2. I am so inspired to read about this remarkable individual who so generously and unselfishly shares of himself with so many. As the newly elected school board member, Tyrone Curry’s efforts now can benefit more students than just those at Evergreen High.

    Coming from a real hands-on perspective and truly understanding of how poverty affects students will be very valuable when important decisions need to be made. When I was being educated to be a teacher, a professor once told me that two important, but often overlooked, people in the school were the secretary and the janitor. Congratulations!