DEA search followup: What was seized at GAME Collective’s White Center lounge

After the DEA raids earlier this month at a dozen-plus medical-marijuana establishments around West Seattle, including GAME Collective‘s White Center lounge, we obtained and published details from the first search-warrant “returns” – what was found (or not found) in two cars belonging to the business’s owner and a person described by the government as being associated with it. Today, we have more of the “returns” – starting with this one listing what was seized at the lounge on 16th SW itself.

8 live marijuana plants with rootballs
miscellaneous items containing THC from kitchen standalone freezer
undisclosed amount of US currency
miscellaneous food items in plastic packaging, walk-in fridges
bottled drinks containing THC
small clear plastic bag with suspected hashish
spiral notebook
Glock 40 caliber and magazine with bullets
dried marijuana from multiple jars behind bar area
GAME telephone with charger (Boost mobile #——-)
white daily donation log
7 bottles of drinks containing THC behind bar
miscellaneous food items behind bar with THC
3 bottles of drinks containing THC behind bar in cooler
miscellaneous food items with THC behind bar in cooler
2 digital scales
plastic black film jar with marijuana seeds
black thumb drive
miscellaneous bongs from bar
memory stick from a camera
blue plastic container with documents and papers
large (item) containing packaging materials
external hard drive

More to come.

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