Man seriously injured in Burien attack; relative calls it a ‘hate crime’

Friends of the victim’s family are casting a net far and wide to try to help investigators solve an attack last night. First, here’s what the King County Sheriff’s Office says about it, in a news release just sent out:

A 21 year old man was severely beaten as he walked home from downtown Burien last night around 9 pm.

Joshua Sheen arrived home around 9 pm bloody and had to crawl to get into the house. He had “pretty much everything in his face fractured” said his sister Brianna Davey. Sheen also had teeth knocked out and according to Davey had “internal bleeding and had to have his spleen removed.”

Sheen was missing his cell phone, shoes and possibly his wallet. Sheen had no recollection of how he was injured.

King County Sheriff Deputies searched several blocks attempting to locate where the incident occurred but was unable to locate any evidence.

Sheen is 5’7” tall and weighs about 140 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket and dark jeans. “We are hoping that someone saw something and will come forward,” said his sister Davey.

If you have any information about this crime please call the King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 206-296-7530 or email us at

We received this through a mass e-mail sent to media all over the region by multiple people who are friends of Sheen’s uncle, comedian Derek Sheen. They forwarded this note from him:

My nephew, who is a special needs adult, was the victim of a hate crime. He is currently at Harborview Medical Center, in ICU on life support. There is a chance he may not recover. I’m asking residents in the area to please contact local media and ask them for help in gathering information and public support to assist in the capture and prosecution of the person or persons responsible. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Man seriously injured in Burien attack; relative calls it a ‘hate crime’”

  1. It may jog peoples memory if there was a picture posted of this young man. Maybe someone seen him or drove by him.. and a picture would help.

  2. Alki Resident Says:

    Life support?What the hell is wrong with people.Is it obvious this man is special needs?Was he simply trying to make friends with someone and got attacked?Someone had to have seen something.Im praying for Joshua to somehow come out of this.If not I hope the people who did this is charged with murder.Maybe you can retrace his steps and find the area he was beaten and go from there.Good luck.