DEA agents search GAME Collective’s White Center ‘lounge’

3:05 PM: In at least three counties, federal Drug Enforcement Agency officers are searching medical-marijuana businesses – and one of them is in White Center, the GAME Collective ‘lounge’ in the former Hang Around bar space. Thanks to a tip, we got over there around 1:30 to find unmarked law-enforcement cars outside and officers inside. Among those on the scene, DEA spokesperson Agent Jodie Underwood, who told us that they expect to have “a statement” before day’s end, but otherwise, she wasn’t commenting. Regional media organizations are reporting raids in several other counties including Pierce and Thurston, but so far we haven’t found an indication of others in this area – we went by White Center’s other establishment and the three openly operating dispensaries in West Seattle, and there was no sign of current police activity. The lounge has been open for seven months.

ADDED 6:13 PM: Though there are no specifics about indictments, charges, arrests, or even business names, the local DEA has issued this statement to the media, attributing it to Special Agent in Charge Matthew Barnes:

It has never been our policy to target individuals with serious illnesses. However, there are those operating commercial storefronts cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana under the guise of state medical marijuana laws and exploiting such activities to satisfy their own personal greed. The DEA remains committed to the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in all states.

The coordinated enforcement actions of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and our state and local law enforcement partners involve violations of both federal and state law.

The DEA will exercise its investigative authority to pursue criminal actions for any violation of federal law, when warranted. This includes investigating organizations or individuals that grow, manufacture or distribute any illegal drug to include marijuana, and those who rent or maintain a property to facilitate drug trafficking.

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4 Responses to “DEA agents search GAME Collective’s White Center ‘lounge’”

  1. These same type of paramilitary DEA agents, not so long ago, delighted in smashing up kegs and stills.

    Now after all the money and energy and lives lost on their failed war on alcohol… they now sit around as one of the professions with the highest statistical alcoholism rates.

    And these paramilitary types that once fought so valiantly against alcohol, will tonight sit around the bar in celebration, and these liquid drinkers will plan their next raids on the grass smokers.

    Salvador Dali could not of written a better script lest he teamed up with Stephan King.

    This expensive, childish and oft deadly war on our own must stop. By any measure this ‘all out war’ has cost us more in money and lives than any of our other wars and has lasted 40 years with no end in sight..

    I’m 60 years old.. I remember before there was a ‘drug war’ and I have lived 40 years after the drug war was engaged.

    I can attest as fact before the drug war drugs were more expensive, harder to get, less socially acceptable, and nowhere near as potent as today’s offerings.. this was has been a complete and utter failure. To not see and not be able to admit this, demonstrates total insanity.

  2. This makes my heart happy, Now that landlord will get what she deserves for shutting us down.
    Its about time they got there.

  3. WhiteCenter Library Neighbor Says:

    ….glad they are shutting the place down, DEA are explementary agents who risk their lives to help our community.