Update: GAME Lounge in White Center gets clearance to reopen

1:16 PM: According to the King County Public Health Department, the medical-marijuana GAME Lounge in downtown White Center is open again, with the qualifier “allowed to remain open to sell food and beverage items that are exempt from permit.”

6:13 PM UPDATE: WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz talked with GAME Lounge owner Brionne Corbray, who disputes what the county was asking for:

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4 Responses to “Update: GAME Lounge in White Center gets clearance to reopen”

  1. If the folks who are so sick that then need to use medical marijuana then why are they hanging out in a “lounge” with live music and a club atmosphere? Looks to me like more folks hanging out on the sidewalks smoking cigarettes loitering around this establishment, wandering back and forth between the bars and the pot lounge to toke a joint. Not beneficial to cleaning up White Center’s image!

  2. What no penalty phase? No fines? I bet the owner played dumb and some how got away with out paying a fine. Did the health inspector say it was ok to smoke in this place?

  3. Are brownies “exempt from permit”?

  4. This whole thing is a crock of a high hot pile of steamy crap.
    The state is showing us that they are a joke and the city is not helping either. Give me a break.
    This definatly shoes that King County can go and put a person away in jail for 2 joints (possession) but if someone opens a “POT HOUSE” with 20 counts of illegal activity…Its OK.
    Im just sick of the double standards.