Happening now: Cambodian New Year celebration updates

Looking for lunch? White Center’s all-day Cambodian New Year celebration is one place to find it. WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz sent that photo and explained that it’s “Kim of Samway Market serving up a spectacular array of food for a spectacularly great price today in the open-air vendor booth on 98th. Grills are smoking and already drawing in a crowd enticed by the fragrant grilling meats. $5.00 will get a sampling of all of the following somehow loaded onto one impossibly heaping plate: grilled fresh corn on the cob, fish patties, beef skewers, chicken wings, egg rolls, fried squid, pickled fresh veggie salad, papaya salad, fried rice with fresh vegetables and stir fry noodles with, of course, fresh vegetables.”

And if you’re thirsty? Here are Sophanny and cousins at the Thai iced-tea stand (and pineapple on a stick):

The festival continues till 5.

ADDED 2:16 PM: That’s the “Blessing Dance” by the Rainier Vista Dancers, as the festival continues. Description: “A traditional classical Khmer dance … the lyrics and fine hand gestures of the Roban Choun Por describe wishes of happiness, good health, prosperity and success to guests.” Some of what’s ahead before the festival wraps up:

2:30 Traditional Games Demonstration

3:30 Live Music (Chaiya Band) with Audience Dancing encouraged

4:50 Closing Remarks

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One Response to “Happening now: Cambodian New Year celebration updates”

  1. What a great event. Families everywhere having a great time, wonderful food and the SUN was out! Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks WCN for the coverage. Gill