Missing dog – be on the lookout!

Just received: Word of a lost Shepherd mix, last seen around 104th/4th SW. There’s a chain attached to his collar; if you see this dog, please call Liz at 605-3824.

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5 Responses to “Missing dog – be on the lookout!”

  1. Martin Wayss Says:

    I saw this dog when I was checking out Southgate Roller Skating Rink at around 2:30 this afternoon. The gal at the register saw the dog as well. He crossed 17th and was heading west bound on 98th SW.

  2. The dog is now back home – thanks!!

  3. Thank you so much to the nice man with white hair & beard who walked “Billy” home & re-attached him to my front porch! That’s what I love about WC, He asked my neighbor if the dog lived there, he thought that was where he’d seen him. How nice to have neighbor’s lookin’ out for each other & our pets. Thank You Sir!

  4. Is this a big black furry dog? If so he visited my backyard yesterday.

  5. No he’s not the big black furry dog. I know that one he’s a regular traveler/visitor. Billy’s a black/tan brindle sheperd mix…and on the loose again today! I had the fence fixed this past weekend but, he seems to have more than one route out of the yard…Please keep a look-out! Thanks