Union Gospel Mission hitting the streets of White Center/West Seattle tomorrow

The Union Gospel Mission Search and Rescue van is about to hit the streets in White Center/West Seattle for the first time, according to UGM’s Sharon Thomas. She says it’s outreach to “homeless individuals sleeping outside.” Usually the van travels around downtown, delivering food, blankets, and clothing to help those people “survive the night,” and offering them a space in their shelter; this time, they’re traveling further south, and they’re planning to make it a weekly visit starting April 7th. They plan to set out tomorrow night from Westwood Christian Assembly sometime after 8 pm tomorrow (Wednesday). And if you know someplace where people are sleeping outside and might need help, UGM invites you to let them know via their Facebook page. (They also would like to hear from you if you can help – Thomas adds, “We always need sandwiches made, hot chocolate and warm clothing, especially men’s pants.”)

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One Response to “Union Gospel Mission hitting the streets of White Center/West Seattle tomorrow”

  1. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions for places to look! Because of your help, we met lots of people last night and were able to give out several dozen blankets, cups of hot chocolate, hats and hugs last night.

    -Melissa Engstrom
    Volunteer Outreach Coordinator,
    Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission