Sheriff Sue Rahr visiting White Center tomorrow

Announced today by the King County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Sue Rahr will join other law enforcement leaders on Wednesday, September 15th as a report is released showing that investing in early learning programs reduces crime in the long run and saves dollars on the state’s education budget as well.

The report shows investments in high quality, voluntary early learning programs reduce the need for special education placements and other Kindergarten through Grade 12 education expenses.

“I am in favor of anything that helps kids succeed, and keeps them away from a life of crime. Early learning centers have a positive impact, I’m all for those programs”, says Rahr.

Sheriff Rahr will be joined by Normandy Park Police Chief Rick Kieffer and Burien Police Chief Scott Kimerer at the event.

It’s been almost six months since the Educare center was dedicated – here’s our coverage from that sunny day in March.

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