RIP, South Park Bridge: White Center represented at ‘wake’

That’s one angle we had on the final three minutes of the South Park Bridge‘s life – as the gates went down, the warning bells and siren sounded, and then, the drawbridge went up forever, as the crowd howled. Then – an impromptu round of “Amazing Grace,” and a toast – all in that clip. White Center was certainly represented at the wake – we saw WC Food Bank executive director Rick Jump atop the bridge in its final hour, and community activists including Liz Giba. King County Councilmember Jan Drago was there in a pink hat and pink tulle – same kind that decorated the bridge’s leaves as they rose. State House Position 2 candidate and White Center business owner Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy was there too. More coverage to come – this event was really all about the moments captured in video and photos. We had some photos in as-it-happened coverage on partner site West Seattle Blog.

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