Update: White Center’s Hang Around Bar and Grill closing

We’ve covered its trials and tribulations in recent weeks and now there’s one final note from the proprietors of the Hang Around, at the spot of the former Wall, left as a comment on an earlier story:

The Hang Around is not Around no more!

As of this Sunday, the doors of The Hang Around Bar & Grill will be closed forever! The owners want to express their thanks to everyone for their help in this situation with the landlord and now we are in the process of moving things out. Unfortunately we can’t find another rental property around the area, If anyone knows of one where we can reopen, please let us know through our e-mail or phone at Joeglennis@gmail.com and/or 206-571-7006 /206-571-7003
Thank you all and God Bless!


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7 Responses to “Update: White Center’s Hang Around Bar and Grill closing”

  1. And now we wait to see what happens to the space. This ought to be interesting, given the way this whole thing went down.

  2. Joe/Glennis, I’m sorry it went this way. Thank you for taking the risk on our neighborhood.

  3. This is really sad. I hope you know that all of your good works are very much appreciated. Thank you for all you have done. Please try to find a new place in the neighborhood.

  4. Well, this just sucks. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you guys. Hopefully you’ll be able to find another place in WC soon. You’ll be missed. And, I hope this place stays vacant for a very, very long time…just because I’m vindictive that way.

  5. Joe & Glennis Says:

    We Posted an Ad, Maybe it will help a little!

  6. Joe & Glennis Says:

    SORRY!!! This is the ciorrect link!



  7. Joe & Glennis Says:

    We will never give up….our attorney will be filing suit, anyhow, we are looking at three other spots in the vicinity. WE WILL re open! PROMISE!

    Never give up!….Never Surrender!!