2 additions: Headlines from WCCDA and WSB

They’re small, but these might be enhancements to our increasing number of White Center Now visitors (thank you!) – the right sidebar now features the latest headlines from the White Center Community Development Association site, which gets newsier all the time, and from our partner site West Seattle Blog, since we hear so often from folks suggesting that certain WSB stories should be featured here too. We’ve noticed there’s a bit of a lag in the digest, so what you see in the WSB box may not necessarily be the very newest stories (we update news there VERY frequently most days), but it’ll give you an idea of what’s going on, and of course any breaking news of value to White Center/vicinity will be here in the main section too.

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One Response to “2 additions: Headlines from WCCDA and WSB”

  1. Thanks! We take pride in highlighting the people we work with as well as our community partners who are making a difference everyday =)