Hang Around operators say they’re getting the boot

Just got word from Joe, owner of the Hang Around Bar and Grill in the former home of The Wall in the heart of downtown White Center: He says their landlord has told us they have to get out by Friday, because the building will be closed. They say they got what they call “eviction papers” yesterday. It’s only been a few months since they opened, and Joe says they are in shock. He wrote in part:

We just totally established the place, put our hearts and love into it, and been tossed out like garbage. YES, the rent was paid every month. Im asking the community for help now. We always have had support from the community, the local shops welcomed us and we felt like part of the Family in White Center. Now we have to pack up and leave. What kind of people are they to do this? A lot of you people know us and i hope you can make a difference for us to stay here. all we did was love the community and love our business.This has saddened us and we did not see this coming. now 7 people have to be laid off who served the community with love and respect and helped kept the area clean of the Riff Raff.I hope and pray that someone can help us. PLEASE!

We’re working to find out more about what kind of help he’s looking for, among other aspects of the story, and will update when we get more information.

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25 Responses to “Hang Around operators say they’re getting the boot”

  1. This is such ashame. This was the only place you could feel safe while having a beer. To me this sounds like a law suit. I myself, know a couple lawers who are well versed in property mangement law. I plan to talk to them about evictions and a time line to do so. Also want to know if other bussnises in the building will be leaving. Also will be checking with the king co. building dept. about any building code violations. I feel bad for joe he has worked so hard to help white center and certain people keep trying to bring him down. They’re are some bartenders at close by locations that seam to spread nothing but false rumors and hate.

  2. Why is the Lawyer of the landlord picking on the new tenants who cleaned up the neighborhood from scum and thugs. It has been nice to walk around, now it is going to start all over again. The Hang Around is the Nicest place in White center and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing.Why give them the boot? i smell something more on the Attorney’s part. We know the woman who owns the property and i think the lawyer is putting her up to it. Guess what? looks like white center is becoming the “Ghetto” again. Thanks to the Lawyer and the Landlord….SICKNING! Yes, we heard all about it on the avenue. We are all very angry abou this.

  3. that’s pretty asinine of the landlord. hang around is a good bar and has a lot of potential

  4. This is to the white center blog. Have you tryed getting a hold of the building owner? Have you checked with kc. building dept. about any code violations? Have you even looked into the building owners relationship with the prior owner of the wall? Heard rumor of them being tight. Have you looked into any unpayed taxes on the building? I’m hopping that maybe thier is a reporter on your staff.

  5. Aren’t there laws that require more notice than a week? What is really going on here? Has the landlord sold the property? This sure seems like a stupid move from the landlord. It pisses me off. Please do update us and let us know what, if anything, we can do to help. Joe deserves better than this BS.

  6. I hope we can help keep The Hang Around open. When The Wall was there, I wouldn’t even park on that block. I’ve never been one to spend much time in bars, but they took a frightening situation and transformed it into a place where I feel comfortable meeting friends for a drink. It has become safe and friendly. Joe and Glynnis care about our community and have worked to make it a better place. In the short time they’ve been there, they HAVE made a difference.

    Thanks for posting this, Tracy. Please keep us updated regarding what we can do to help.

  7. I see you removed my first to coments. But heres one more. Rumor has it that paul the former owner of the wall has been telling the building owner sophie a bunch of BS about joe. I hope you can contact the owner about this.White Center needs aplace like the hang around.

  8. We didn’t remove any comments. The moderation queue held them. We’ll be following up on this today.

  9. I am not sure about businesses. But I think the law is that eviction notices for homes and apartments have to give the people one rental month notice to move. That is one whole rental month not 30 days or what ever. If they are notified one day into the month they have the rest of that month and then a whole rental month. Hope some one can check this out. Also we need to give the owner and her lawyer hell. This is not good for the community at all. Maybe some one has some ideas but we have to try and stop this Bull Shit. Bob Price

  10. We just spent to retain councel that is in court now attempting to STOP the eviction. I hope it works, Attorney says it is good that people are voicing their opinions and calling up the Sophia and her Attorney. looks like they just dont care about White Center, or even us or anyone that cares. Looks like a SLUM LORD to me.

  11. Joe –

    Hope you have contacted an attorney by now. You need to know, precisely, the terms of your lease.

  12. Hi, Joe and Glennis cleaned up the drug problems at the Wall and also the bad people were moved on. Now the owner and her lawyer want to close them up and move them out. Does this mean that they want drug dealers and badies hanging around White Center? It makes you wonder what their plans are? They certainly don’t look good if they continue with what their have now stated? Maybe we are looking the wrong way? Thanks Bob Price

  13. Wow, good question earlier. Did the other businesses there that she owns recieve evictions notices too?

    This is a tragedy for WC, Joe and his wife really did WC justice there on the corner of 98th and 16th. They cleaned off the street and rid it from the gangbangers, drug dealers, pan handlers, and so much more that her previous tentant catered too.

    Why would anyone want to evict good tenants who contribute to cleaning up the community making it a safer place.

  14. Joe & Glennis OWNERS Says:

    ATTENTION: We have been notified that the Landlords attorney told my attorney that Glennis and I are SCUM OF THE EARTH. My lawyer asked me to ask our friends and public to appear in court for us Tomorrow at 3pm to tell the judge and her lawyer that what you feel about us there. The court proceeding is to STOP the eviction process and have the Attorney,landlord and the Judge that we are NOT bad people and the public opinion is very important.

    EXPARTE / King County Court WEST COURT ROOM 3rd Floor at 3pm tomorrow (FRIDAY) please attend.

    Joe & Glennis

  15. Court Friday 3pm at Seattle Court house, 3rd floor west side.
    Would like support from everyone as said by our atty. this is my last shot. Love you all

  16. Do you have a specific judge? The calendars don’t hit online early enough in the morning to check. And is this Municipal Court or King County Courthouse?

  17. Never mind, I see another comment which was still in our approval queue at the time I asked that.

  18. The lawyer called you scumbags? I wonder what he thought of the previous tentants they allowed to stay there for so long. KCSO practically lived there when it was the Wall under the previous tenants ownership. Everyone knows that the previous management allowed the place to become a breeding ground for drug dealing, drug consumption, prostitution, as well as condoning gangster turf wars.

  19. I’m wondering, if her Lawyer called Joe and Glennis scumbags, where he got that idea.
    The Wall was a rat hole for years and cost the county tons of money to police it. Now with a business there that clears out the druggies, gangsters, etc and is wholesome to the general public, they are up in arms. Maybe we need to check out her lawyer and her to see if they were not part of the problem before Joe and Glennis moved in. Anyway, if the landlord doesn’t change her mind and let them stay, I think we will need to closely monitor any business that is put in the place and see that if they are questionable that any lawlessness is rewarded with a request to close them up. With the new set up with Burien contracting the King County Sheriff deputies, we will have enough problems without a bad business there. The White Center Chamber needs to look into this action and question it. Lets hope the landlord slows down and questions her actions before she causes another real problem in White Center. Joe and Glennis have been great in being involved with the community and they should be able to stay longer and prove their worth to these people. Joe you do have a strong personally and come on strong, but that is just you and basically you are a well informed person and a great addition to the neighborhood. Thanks.

  20. THANK YOU !!! Everyone for your support and your Friendship that i never expected from such a great community. SPECIAL THANKS TO… Traci, Heidi, Bob,Richard (papa’s Pub),Mac (Triangle Pub), Liz (CDA) and especially Gerald Robison (our Gracious and most professional attorney. WE hope and pray that this comes to a good resoulution and we continue to stay in White Center. I know this is just the first step, but i was told by Glennis for me to step back as SHE will now handle this (with the women in the community). when i saw them gathering last night at the Hang Around in the Dart room, i was even afraid to go in there as they were meeting about the court and landlord situation. So, again, Thank you, Heidi, Liz and Glennis. (The Women took over and im not gonna go near that! Just to show that the Women in the community is not to be recon with. (smiles and grins). Thank you everyone for your help and friendship.
    Joe & Glennis

  21. UPDATE!! when we went to court, Sophia was there with her lawyer, she was upsetting the Commisioner everytime she spoke when she should not have. Anyhow, the attorney (hers) was persistant to tell the commisioner that we were no good people and we WILL be kicked out. The Commisioner still with a question mark on his head proceeded with the case. my WONDERFUL Professional attorney (jerry) calmly (was so cool) just said the facts without showing any mind for what they had said. anyhow, the commisioner made Glennis and i pay HER atoorney fees of $1000.00 (crazy) then i handed Jerry the March rent check in which he handed to her attorney and i was told by her attorney that even if i pay April by the 28th of april a 3 day notice will be applied. ANYHOW, outside the court room, Jerry was writing up the order and Sophia and her attorney was saying to each othr LOUDLY that Glennis was a Dirty person,”She looks so dirty, we dont want that kind there” and i was getting angry. Jerry looked at me telling me “i got it….calm down” kinda look. Sophia and her attorney kept saying to each other derogatory remarks and we felt violated AGAIN by them Jerry witnessed everything. (dumb move my Attorney and Sophia).
    MY OPINION: We are getting tired of these false accusations by Sophia, Her landlord, PAUL NELSON. Lily (whom we fired) and my so called Niece Linsey (whom we fired) who are circulating there roumers and its getting back to sophia and this is how this ALL STARTED! I dont know how to fix this one, people. This is why we are so happy for everyone’s assistance. We love you all and want to say thank you and i hope we could finally take care of this.

  22. Correction: Dumb move on HER attorney and Sophia….Sorry Jerry, Your Wonderful!

  23. Sounds like discrimination to me- profiling, racism and lies!

  24. Well I am upset that my name is being brought up that I am spreading rumors bummer I’m sorry that I walked out because u were a lier and a low life I was never fired and if my name keeps coming up I will come after u for slander ya the place got cleaned up but promises were not kept

  25. Oh Shut up!