Latest 34th District State House candidate: Joe Fitzgibbon

So far, you have five candidates to choose from this August in the State House Position 2 race for the 34th District: Burien resident Joe Fitzgibbon, who’s been working for Rep. Sharon Nelson (who’s giving up the seat to run for State Senate), just announced his candidacy. More details on partner site West Seattle Blog.

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One Response to “Latest 34th District State House candidate: Joe Fitzgibbon”

  1. I support Joe totally. I go to Olympia a lot, and I interact with a lot of legislators, during the session and the interim. Joe brings more Olympia experience to this race than all the other Democratic candidates put together, and his time spent on the Burien Planning Commission has served him well also.

    Some legislators’ aides do little more than answer the phone and make schedules. Joe has been Sharon’s strong right arm, and his command of the legislation, the players, and the process have helped make Sharon one of the best and most effective members of the House Democratic Caucus.

    Voters who meet Joe and talk to him will realize right from the get-go that he is ready, right now, to step in and serve. He won’t have any learning curve. His election would keep the 34th’s delegation one of the tops in the state.

    This is not to put down Marcee Stone, Sabra Schneider, or Michael Heavey. I wouldn’t tell anybody NOT to vote for any of them. They are high-class people, and all of them would serve us well. Joe just has more of the attributes I happen to be looking for.

    I’m so excited that Joe has finally filed for election, and I know that the voters will share my excitement and enthusiasm for Joe once they get to meet Joe and talk to him. You will love Joe in Olympia!