Two Violins stolen in White Center – Report if someone tries to peddle them

Two violins were stolen from a patron at Cafe Rozella.  They are not super-valuable but have great sentimental value for the owner.  If you see someone “odd” carrying or trying to peddle them please call Mike at (206) 767-4222.  It has been reported to the Seattle Police which may also be contacted at Incident Number #09-406085 Patrol M. Waters 206-733-9800, so Pawn Shops should not accept them.   Help if you can.  Owner is distraught.  More details to come.

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3 Responses to “Two Violins stolen in White Center – Report if someone tries to peddle them”

  1. The owner should setup an RSS feed in Firefox to monitor this on Craigslist. Anybody tries to sell it there, you’ll see it quickly:

  2. Mike told me that they took 2 violins and that they were in a dual violin case, this is rare to see DUAL CASE, one of the Violins he got when he was 14yrs old and the other was his wifes, they both played together at friends houses & even here our first music night ever at Cafe Rozella, and he was on his way to play at someones house that he just meet at Cafe Rozella , and was going to meet up and go to there house play the piano and the violin. Hope some one just turns them in. Mike went home he was filling numb .

  3. Watching CL… Mike is my violin teacher, and this is heartbreaking.