Avoid 16th SW in 106th vicinity – hit-and-run crash

Thanks to tipster Mona for sending word that somebody had been hit while crossing 16th SW near the Albertson’s store; traffic is a mess there while King County Sheriff’s Deputies investigate what they tell us is an apparent hit-and-run crash. One man was hurt and is being taken to the hospital. No description so far of the suspected hit-and-run vehicle – investigators are trying to sort out what happened – but traffic is likely to be troublesome in that area for a while.


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3 Responses to “Avoid 16th SW in 106th vicinity – hit-and-run crash”

  1. Glad to hear the person is okay. Those crosswalks are TERRIBLE in “normal” weather, let alone on a rainy night.

  2. That section of road is TERRIBLE for visibility. The roadway reflects all lights, and there are a TON of lighted signs and such on that stretch. I’m not sure if anything can be done to fix it, though.

    Shame on the person who left the scene. I hope the guilt rots them from the inside out.

  3. I am a good friend of Jeff’s.I use to live across the street from his faimly when i was 13 yrs old.I hope he is ok.I also almost got hit in the same crosswalk.They need to do something about it.