Reader report: Thai Thai to close temporarily

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From Marlene:

… last night my son and I went to Thai Thai’s in White Center on Ambaum. The owner told me that she has to close the restaurant in a few days because her husband is having cancer surgery in Bangkok. She stated that the restaurant will be closed for two months, but will re-open. She was quite upset about her husband.

Thai Thai’s has fabulous food, and has been in business for twenty years. I’m just happy that they aren’t closing for good.

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8 Responses to “Reader report: Thai Thai to close temporarily”

  1. karen farnsworth Says:

    Did she say what type of cancer or how seriously ill Sam is?
    The Thai Thai is wonderful. I hope they return in good health!

  2. Colorectal, according to Marlene. Otherwise, everything in her note is published above – maybe she will see your comment here and add more. We haven’t had a chance to check in directly with Thai Thai yet, ourselves.

  3. As of today, the answering machine says they’re still closed.

  4. It’s been a year now and we haven’t heard anything about Sam and Thai Thai.

  5. Called their number this weekend and Sam’s voice says he is back and cancer free and that they hope to open sometime soon! We can’t wait! Such good news about Sam. We are so happy for their family.

  6. Thanks for that update, we’ll check on it. We had gone by from time to time and looked to see if the note on the door changed … maybe now it has.

  7. Bill and Carolyn Hart Says:

    Great news about Sam! We’ve been enjoying Sam and Orawan’s food since 1987. I stopped by the restaurant this evening and the note in the window says “We are closed for good at this location. We will be finding a new spot. Please email us at

    So, that’s what we plan to do, and we’ll pass the word!

  8. Yes, we wrote a separate story about that a couple days ago.