Tuberculosis is more of a risk than you think: World TB Day

(Crossposted in part from partner site West Seattle Blog.) Area students are involved with the World TB Day event Tuesday night at Town Hall in downtown Seattle is free – and promises to be an eye-opener. Full details here. If you thought tuberculosis was a thing of the past – this King County-specific information alone will cure you of that notion. (The local rate, in fact, hit a 30-year high in 2007.) Student organizers also have been sending out TB info via Twitter – follow their tweets (and see the archives) at

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One Response to “Tuberculosis is more of a risk than you think: World TB Day”

  1. Stela Yordanova Says:

    The British Red Cross helps combat TB in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Liberia and Lesotho. The programmes we support focus on raising awareness about the disease among young people and supporting people diagnosed with TB in their homes.