One shot, one “grazed” on SW 119th

Just talked to Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Office to find out why a search was under way around 16th/SW 116th – turns out one man was shot, another grazed by a bullet, on SW 119th. Three people have been arrested, no other suspects are being sought, and everybody involved knew each other, according to Sgt. Urquhart – the search that you’re seeing if you’re in the area involves deputies looking for the gun, which hasn’t yet been recovered.


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4 Responses to “One shot, one “grazed” on SW 119th”

  1. There is a bit more info on the other WC board.

    Dang teenage ganbangers!

  2. Also interesting that in this little zone, just down the street or within a half mile, officer Cox lost his life checking on a party where yet another murderer was present (same 380auto used in seatac),and a resident was shot and killed in a home robbery event by some rather young kids, one of them lived within eyesight of me now. hmmm. what have we got here?

  3. This is my block. Maybe we are neighbors; the shooter in the home robbery lived acros the street from me. First of all, you don’t know the kids in this incident were gang-bangers. There are plenty of teens in this neighborhood, and not all are in gangs-most are just bored. What we have here is a serious need for positive activities for youth. I think it is a shame that when budgets need to be cut the schools and community programs and arts suffer first. Every person I know that stayed out of trouble as a kid did it because they had some other interest that was more important to them.