Creek work near White Center now threatened by Seattle budget cuts

According to this P-I story, the long-awaited Durham Creek work — $400,000 worth — is now on a list of possible cuts when the city updates its budget crunch in the coming weeks.


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One Response to “Creek work near White Center now threatened by Seattle budget cuts”

  1. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The Seattle Mayor’s office has been fighting repairing the wetlands ever since they were illegally destroyed by the City of Seattle during the construction of the Fire Training Center. Hopefully, the Seattle City Council will do the right thing and overrule the Mayor and not only see to it the money is appropriated but also that the needed work actually gets completed.

    I’m wondering if there is more to this story. This also the area where Seattle had proposed siting the new jail. Since the Seattle Mayor’s office seems to be saying that there isn’t a need to fix the damage to the wetlands, will they next be proposing that something be built there?