Merry Christmas Day from White Center Now

Tough to get around in but nonetheless, the snow has had its beauty. Congratulations to all for getting through what (knock wood) by most accounts appears to have been the worst of it – and have a joyful rest of your holiday!


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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas Day from White Center Now”

  1. I went to White Center to eat and shop on 12/24 but found it was hard to park on 16th with the piles of snow in the parking spots. I finally gave up and went to a new Pho place across from Albertson’s that had easier parking access. King County and the City of Seattle sure did a cruddy job in clearing the streets. I’m wonder how much sales tax revenue they lost because people had a hard time getting out to go shopping.

  2. You have a good point. We went to Pho 54 on Christmas Eve afternoon but parked in the Walgreens lot across Roxbury (we shopped there too so it wasn’t a complete violation!) because the parking, dicey enough in regular times because of the back-in arrangement, looked so challenging.