Tips for driving in the snow

Looking out the window of the Cafe watching cars struggling in the snow and sludge.  Here’s some tips.  If you get stuck in a snow bank and your wheels are spinning, keep in mind that you are lacking traction.  Spinning your wheels will only make matters worse.  Rock the car back and forth – drive and reverse, drive and reverse.  Eventually, your wheels should get some traction and pull you out of the snow bank.  You can also take out the car’s mats and use them behind the wheels, but most times this only sends the mats flying around the wheel.

If your car starts to skid, DO NOT slam on the brakes.  Keep cool and steer towards the skid.  Feather the brakes, so that they start engaging.  It’s counterintuitive, especially if you are skidding towards a car, but it’s the best way to regain control of the car.

If you are going up a hill and your wheels start to spin, give it up.  Unless you have four wheel drive and/or chains, you are not going to make it up the incline.  Put your flashers and back down the hill in reverse.  Back around and find another way, preferably an arterial that has been cleared and sanded.

Do not follow too closely.  This should be obvious, but the number of people tailgating never ceases to amaze me.

Drive at an even clip.  Do not start or stop too fast.  If you are moving, your wheels will find traction even if you slip a bit.  Drive with your lights on and slow down if you see oncoming traffic or pedestrians.  Anticipating a problem will avoid it.

And most importantly, I don’t care if you have a four wheel drive with snow tires and chains, do not drive like an idiot.  Maybe you can move in the snow but that car crossing in the intersection may not be able to stop.  If you are driving too fast, four wheel drive will not help you.  Don’t drive like an idiot.  Be smart and stay safe.


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One Response to “Tips for driving in the snow”

  1. Also, carefully plan your route to avoid hills and the #1 tip for driving in the snow…don’t. Snow days are a great opportunity to stay home and bond with the family or catch up on your reading or projects.