Snow in White Center

This pic is from the other side of White Center at 16th and 118th. AT the Laundry Mat by Berries BBQ.

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One Response to “Snow in White Center”

  1. klaus ristau Says:

    dear reciever: i wenrt to beverly park elementary school in the fifties.I live right down the hill from the school on 3rd ave.I have had faud memories of the younger years of my life .As i grow older i have come up with this conclusion.Almost every place i have been ther have been major changes.Some of the things as followed your school district has had major funding from the federal government the place i live in now has had major funding.This is an example Issaquah school system has a state of the art highschool it is enorenormous and the cost is much i do not know they know the amount.The middle schools have been granted major amounts of cash.The Issaquah hatchery has been granted fed $ or they would have gone under the libraries have benn granted ton of money throught out the state .I would bet that you library has had a remodle thanks to me.I would not be surprised if your are going to get more than you ask for so do not be afraid to ask the president for some additional aid.PS do they still frown on wearing horse cleats on the bottom of shoes at highland junior ? I sure marked up the hall way;s klaus ristau