Icy Roads: Don’t drive like an idiot, especially if you drive an SUV

Ok, so we live in a part of the country that gives us wet roads most of the year.  So why is it, that when it starts to rain, we have wave of collisions by drivers who fail to heed simple cautionary driving methods?  Really, you’d think everyone driving in Seattle just moved here from Southern California.  Wait, many just did.  So, for those of you who failed drivers’ ed, here are some general guidelines.  Drive slower — I don’t care if your SUV is equipped with all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, you will need longer stopping distances in wet and icy roads.  Allow greater space between your car and the guy in front of you.  Should s/he hit the brakes, you will not ram into their rear end.  Anticipate greater braking distance.  It takes a longer distance to stop your car when you are driving on wet or icy roads.   Ease into braking by anticipating stops, pedestrians or foolish drivers cutting you off:  drive defensively.   Let the jerk have his way.  If some nitwit wants the right-of-way despite the fact that it is yours, let him go, his karma will catch up with him shortly.  Finally, get a good book and some videos.  If you don’t have to drive, DON’T.   Stoke up the space heater, fireplace or wood-stove and enjoy the opportunity to cacoon.  Most critically, don’t drive like an idiot!  Be smart and be safe.

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6 Responses to “Icy Roads: Don’t drive like an idiot, especially if you drive an SUV”

  1. Hallelujah! Especially the part about leaving space between the cars – it allows people room to merge safely and easily without all the guesswork, and allows you room to stop suddenly.

    I’ll be letting Metro drive for me.

  2. I agree. It usually takes about 10 times the distance to stop on icy/snowy roads compared to dry ones. Ever since SUV’s became the fad for city driving, I’ve always been amazed to watch how many people driving those vehicles on icy roads don’t seem to understand that having 4-wheel drive doesn’t mean the vehicle also has 4-wheel stop.

  3. lol!

    In Buffalo NY, (land of lake effect snow storms) the first snow storm is always hilarious with cars strewn 100’s of yards off the road everywhere. 3 second rule for good conditions, 4-6 for bad.

  4. Don’t you drive an SUV Ricardo?

  5. Hey, I need it for business and besides it’s 100 years old. Anyway, I know of what I speaketh. So don’t drive like an idiot.

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