Review of Be’s Diner

It took me a while to actually stop into this place. I had been to the Be’s Diner in West Seattle years before, and I kind of knew what to expect, but running an ice cream shop has left little time in my day to go out and eat.

So this morning I gave it a try. The place is huge, bright and clean. I never went in when it was Doc’s or Entourage, but the new owner told me she had to do some remodeling and a lot of cleaning. The food is great. Nothing fancy, and who needs fancy from a diner. I had pancakes and eggs, a giant plate of food for $4. You can not beat that. The pancakes were perfect, and the eggs grease free.

They have a large menu, and are doing breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is just what White Center needed. They have been open a week today, so go check it out.

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5 Responses to “Review of Be’s Diner”

  1. Soooooo….. where is it?

  2. From FullTilt’s first report

    “16th, in the old Entourage space”
    9826 16th SW, according to one online reference. So a few blocks south of FullTilt HQ, etc.

  3. Sounds like a good place to try this weekend.. Ill let you know what we discover :) I hope they have french toast :)

  4. Do they have chicken fried steak by chance?

  5. Sadly, they have no CFS. I have given up meat recently, but if any one can tell me were an AWESOME place to get CFS close to here, I will be there.