New restaurant in White Center

Be’s just opened on 16th in the old Entourage space. It is the same folks who have the Be’s on California. I will post some pics and a review soon.


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7 Responses to “New restaurant in White Center”

  1. I saw the Grand Opening sign yesterday! Ya’ beat me to a review – they serve up a gi-hugic slab of ham at Be’s on California. I’m curious to see if they’ve got the same menu, so looking forward to the scoop (ha!) Fulltilt!

  2. My son and I just drove by there an hour ago – saw the sign but we weren’t 100 percent sure it was new, as I’ve seen “grand opening” signs in my day that have stayed up for months. Glad you posted about it.

  3. fancyfrancie Says:

    Be’s in the junction is awesome, you can get breakfast really cheap and the food is pretty good …it’s good to have them in White center

  4. Yes! Be’s Restaurant is now also in White Center. The same menu, the same owner, the same good food.

  5. Yes they are the same owners and looks like now you can get their menus online at

  6. Uuuuuhh. Hmmmm. What to say? I walked in to the dance club turned restaurant (and it still looked like a dance
    club) and asked if this is Be’s. Yes, the friendly owner said…are you looking for Be? I replied, nope, just
    breakfast. The place was dark and dingy and I’m really suprised that there wasn’t a disco ball hanging from the
    ceiling. The hashbrowns were fresh and hand cut, the eggs were fine, and the bacon was a nuked piece of jerky.

    The service was good. I must say that I was distracted by the decor, which included a live pirhana, so I forgot
    to take a picture of my meal. I wonder the fish was acquired when the night club was purchased or if it is a new addition? I wonder if my paper napkin is new or used…it seems a little smooshed.

    For entire review and pictures, visit

  7. Well, maybe they haven’t generated enough cash flow yet for decor renevation…. but at least the dance club is gone with all of it’s gang violence, shootings, drugs, and problems…a smooshed napkin is hardly even a comparison to that.
    I would give Be’s a chance to get established. At least they brought something into the community that can be a family oriented space!