This year’s Geocache Cup starts @ Lakewood Park!

Happened onto this while chasing something else: The Technology Access Foundation‘s annual Geocache Cup — described by TAF as a “high-tech treasure hunt” — will start at White Center’s Lakewood Park. The Geocache Cup is set for 1-6 pm Sept. 27; registration is open NOW for participants and sponsors – here’s the place to start. If you’re not familiar with TAF, its mission includes “prepar(ing) underserved children of color for higher education and professional success.”

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3 Responses to “This year’s Geocache Cup starts @ Lakewood Park!”

  1. Dick Thurnau Says:

    It is unfortunate the 500 cyclist had to relocate to Lakewood Park actually it is Evergreen Athletic Fields. I can understand why the residents around Lincoln Park and Seattle Parks did not enjoy their presence Reviewing the damage the narrow bicycle tires created in the rain soaked soil and grass that will take months to recover,or parking their motor vehicles on the practice baseball field. But who cares this is only White Center area.What was irriatating is their very loud loud speaker system blaring across the neighborhood on an early Saturday morning. The announcer seemed to be mimicking a horse race caller except they did not seem to stop to take a breath.

  2. Any activity that takes place in this park, Dick is opposed to. Disk golf, geo cache, bike racing. Does not matter. This is his park, please stay out of it.

  3. Dick Thurnau Says:

    Thank you Otis for the flattering remarks.