FOLLOWUP: Arson suspect released

(WCN photo, last Wednesday)

We’ve been checking on the status of the 34-year-old man arrested after last Wednesday’s big fire near 14th/107th. At his first hearing, his bail was set at $50,000. We had checked with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office about whether he had been charged; apparently charges were not filed today because, a check of the jail register shows that he was released from jail Monday night, with the docket notation “conditional release.”

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10 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Arson suspect released”

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me. What will it take to keep these criminals in jail!?!?! I’m seriously wondering. Does anyone have a good answer for that?

  2. Devra Wake Says:

    Sigh…White Center again.

  3. Devra, if you’re wondering why all the criminal activity you see here is concentrated in the White Center area, I suggest scrolling up to your address bar and read what comes after the letters www.

  4. Interesting I would guess ether they did not have enough evidence or it not have been a actual arson just a accident . That in the heat of the moment seems like a arson .

    The person might have rich family and high price law group on their side . That get’s them off all charges for $$$ .

  5. Do we know the case number? The judge?

  6. This is not just White Center. It is Seattle and King County leaders not letting the prosecutors do their job. The Deputies have their hands tied. They can arrest but there is no prosecution. Things have to change.

  7. Released him. Started fires along Roxbury, several, and they release him. Did they not read about the one in Sodo this week? Not a very level headed decision. Sounds like this judge needs a yearly evaluation.

  8. A woman has been arrested in connection with the SODO arsons.

  9. Question Mark Says:

    By King County Leaders, do you mean elected prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who ran virtually unopposed for reelection last November?

  10. I starting to wonder if this was a mental health situation with this person and the court system is trying to get the person help instead of prison time .

    Most of us think he lit the fire lock him up . But most of are leaders in the political nonsense side. Think no give him a hug tell him don’t light fire’s and take all your meds daily .
    But the rest of us have to worry this person going keep lighting fires . Not take there meds or seek help or follow the help .