You’re invited to the 2014 White Center Community Summit on March 1st

You’re invited to register now to be part of this year’s White Center Community Summit. Just received from WCCDA:

The 2014 White Center Community Summit will take place on Saturday, March 1st from 10am-2pm at Mt. View Elementary School. Registration and breakfast begins at 9 am. Organized by the White Center Community Development Association (CDA), this is a family event with workshops for youths and adults as well as free child care.

The theme for this year’s summit is “White Center: Past, Present and Future,” where we will explore and hear stories about how great things formed in White Center, what new things we have here now and plan with us how to keep White Center a growing place for the future. All attendees that register will receive a free I Heart White Center t-shirt, lunch, and an opportunity to have family pictures taken by a professional photographer.

“The event this year will be especially special because we will have community members come and share stories about how some of the great things we have here in White Center came to fruition. We will also take on some of the more challenging topics, in workshop form, that we are faced with here in White Center like: to annexation, transportation and education,” says White Center CDA Community Builder Marquise Roberson. “In addition to community coming together and providing context and voice behind various topics, it is going to be a great picture of community coming together and working together to gain mutual understanding and problem solve.”

In addition to the adult focused workshops, there will be youth focused workshops dealing with personal finance, career exploration and how they view the community. For the younger children there will also be free child care. Registered event attendees will also receive lunch from local community businesses. As in years past there will be a resource center along with onsite interpreters and translated materials. Registration information can be found at

The mission of the White Center Community Development Association is to promote a high quality of life for White Center residents and stakeholders through the development of authentic leadership opportunities and community based neighborhood initiatives. This is accomplished through three lines of business: neighborhood revitalization, family development, and community building.

For more information please contact Marquise Roberson, Community Builder, at (206) 694-1082 or

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9 Responses to “You’re invited to the 2014 White Center Community Summit on March 1st”

  1. you seem like an “ACORN” agency promoting a biased agenda.
    Not mentioned by ACORN, I mean WCCDA otable people from White Center:David S.Hogan, actor who appeared on Grimm and many other televised shows
    Jack Thompson, American football player
    Richard Hugo, poet
    Floyd Johnson, American boxer
    Sarey Savy, singer-songwriter
    Please be inclusive of all people, not racially biased.

  2. Audrey must either be new to White Center or she/he just woke up. Our CDA has a ten year history serving the community and business needs of White Center. The CDA has been coordinating thousands of hours of volunteer work over the years and has brought millions in investment into the community. And because of CDA efforts, there are dozens of White Center voices here, engaged and passionate about our place, who were not part of the discussion previously. To suggest that the CDA is not inclusive of all people suggests racism and ignorance. One thing about America is even the do nothings get a voice. And they can hide behind a pen name while throwing stones at others who are actually doing the heavy lifting.

  3. Mark Ufkes, your comment is abusive. I don’t know who Audrey is. I do know you owe her an apology. Also, please explain if the whole point of you comment is that ‘Our CDA….is doing the heavy lifting.”

  4. To me, the first line of Audrey’s comment seems abusive. The second line is just unintelligible.

  5. Blair J.

    I hope we are both residents of Seattle someday because, working together, Highland Park and White Center would kick ass and take names. And for a certain White Center Liz to call others abusive, from someone who invented using rude, abusive, bullying as a political tool, is laughable. Liz, shall I publish the list of times i have seen you being rude to others that I have witnessed, or should I let it rest? Let it rest.

  6. I think this will be ideal meeting to discuss the proliferation of half a dozen or so marijuana stores and the problems they will bring back to White Center. I had a conversation with one of the pawn shop worker who was concerned that the stores are attracting drug dealers to White Center. He’s seen them sell in front of these stores. He also mentioned that under his store basement is a grow operation. I think CDA better look into this or all the hard work you all have done to make WC a great place to shop, eat and visit may be jeopardized by the reintroduction of more drug dealing in the neighborhood. I’m concern because my mom lives in the area and I go to WC with my family to shop and eat. I’m seeing more shady characters hanging around. More so than usual.

  7. To the person who is trying to cut and paste MASSIVELY LONG blocks of text: That’s against our policies and we do not approve massive-blocks-of-cut-and-paste comments – they violate copyright law. Provide the link to whatever you’re trying to quote, and people can read for themselves without copyright law being broken here. Thanks!

  8. MSW, I agree with the issues of the shady characters these stores attract; maybe if we garner support from our businesses to keep out these marijuana establishments and the problems that arise. I don’t want to see WC go back to the Club Evo days for sure.

  9. … Could we get White Center Chamber of Commerce to help. I really am leary of CDA as their mission statement does not mention helping businesses as well as 2011 revenue was $849,207, yet expenses were over $1,560,138!