White Center traffic alert: Incident at 16th/Roxbury

(Photos by Patrick Sand for White Center Now and West Seattle Blog)
10:57 AM: There’s a report of a man hit by a bus at 16th and Roxbury, and police/fire crews are rushing that way. Updates shortly.

11:04 AM: Though this was originally dispatched for Seattle crews, it’s on the county side, so King County Sheriff’s Office deputies are handling, per scanner traffic.

11:19 AM: Southbound on 16th and eastbound on Roxbury are blocked. Our crew at the scene says the bus (a Route 128) was still stopped at the scene as of a few minutes ago. The man who was hit, meantime, apparently came into contact with the bus rack. His injuries are not described as major but he is being taken to a hospital to be checked out.

11:46 AM: Metro has sent an alert saying the 120 is rerouted off eastbound Roxbury because of this.

1:24 PM UPDATE: As of about 1:15, investigators still had eastbound Roxbury blocked off from 15th to 17th. Westbound is open and 16th is fully open. The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating; spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says the bus was southbound on Delridge turning left to go eastbound on Roxbury; the man who was hit, in his early 30s, was crossing Roxbury northbound southbound* in the crosswalk when the bus hit him.

*New information Wednesday from KCSO.

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2 Responses to “White Center traffic alert: Incident at 16th/Roxbury”

  1. adalinda vaona Says:

    I hope the person is going to be okay

  2. Not sure Why people are always getting hit by the bus there on that corner. Could be that the bus driver gets stressed out when the light turns red and he has to make a quick turn and ends up hitting a pedestran.
    Lucky that the person wasnt killed this time. Not sure what can be done, so people dont get hurt there.