White Center’s ex-Albertsons now open as Super Saver Foods

The sign is up at the former White Center Albertsons, with more signage in the works right now.

As the new owners had told us last month, it is open during remodeling and is now Super Saver Foods. Here’s our original report from February; the takeover happened this week as planned.

While we were there, warehouse workers from Supervalu were on hand stocking the store (and so proud about it, they posed for a big group photo out front!). The store does not have a pharmacy – Albertsons transferred its customers to its 1st Avenue South store in Burien last month. Burien is also where the new Super Saver Foods’ parent company has its nearest store.

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4 Responses to “White Center’s ex-Albertsons now open as Super Saver Foods”

  1. Supervalu is the parent company of Albertsons.

  2. Whatever the case, I talked to these folks after they posed for their photo op and they identified themselves as from Supervalu, which was stocking the store. (Walking up to the scene, I’d expected it was Saar’s managers posing proudly in front of the new outlet!) Hmm. Maybe they’re still supplying it!

  3. What about the deli? Will they still have their great Fried Chicken??!!!

  4. …the fried chicken was horrendously salty and icky, the fresh beef is SELECT grade, although leaner then CHOICE, but that is why it is tougher. Nevertheless, hopefully, we will see great prices with quality.