White Center Albertsons sold, to become Super Saver Foods; pharmacy’s last day tomorrow

Ted e-mailed us this morning:

I received a notice in the mail yesterday from White Center Albertsons Sav-On Pharmacy saying that they were closing tomorrow, Feb 23, and my prescription records were being transferred to their Burien store. I heard that the grocery store was closing too. Do you know anything about it? Why are they closing? Is another grocery store going to take over the building. What’s happening to the employees?

We’ve since talked to both an Albertsons corporate spokesperson – after going to the store and being told that only corporate HQ could comment – and an executive from the company that’s buying the store, and here’s what we have found out:

*The Albertsons on 16th SW has been sold to the locally based Saar’s Market Place chain, according to Albertsons spokesperson Lilia Rodriguez. She told WCN by phone that the company continually evaluates stores, and this one was “not meeting its goals.”

*The pharmacy’s last day is indeed tomorrow – as per the sign in the store (photo above) – and prescriptions are being transferred to the Albertsons at 128th and 1st in Burien.

*Saar’s, which takes over the store on March 22nd, does not plan to have a pharmacy in the store, corporate general manager John Hames told us by phone. It plans to rebrand the store as “Super Saver Foods” when it takes over on March 22nd, with remodeling work ensuing and a grand-opening celebration planned for May 2nd. He says the company plans to add “extensive Asian and Hispanic sections” along with other grocery basics.

*Rodriguez says the store has 50 employees (“associates”) who will be affected by the closure. She says Saar’s indicated they were all welcome to apply, and says some may be transferring within the company because all are union-represented and have “bumping rights.”

Here’s where else Saar’s has stores.

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5 Responses to “White Center Albertsons sold, to become Super Saver Foods; pharmacy’s last day tomorrow”

  1. I absolutely DISAGREE with this. albertsons has been there for so long. the employees are wonderful ppl and well saar’s has over priced meat and their meat is spoiled JUST NASTY…i know several ppl that WONT be going there….

  2. I hope Saar’s spruces the place up a bit. It will probably “perform” better if it receives the attention it deserves.

  3. Well,
    Safeway and the stores down in Westwood Village will be getting more customers. I know for a fact that I will not be going to this Saar’s market they had their chance to get me as a customer up at the one in Burien but… They sold me spoiled darigold sour cream, Steak that just tasted like it was very old and would not cook right no matter how I chose to cook it. And my mother,& Sister have also gotten terrible meat and fish there at Saar’s. While I did not like the atmosphere of the White Center Albertsons I did go there quite often for some of the deals and sale item that they offered and when I just did not feel up to going all the way to Safeway. But I will be going to the Albertsons on 1st ave south and 128th. now that store has been remodeled twice within the past five years a believe? I always go there for Birthday cakes, and fried chicken is amazing way better than any place else I know of so… Yeah I will be at a loss without the White Center store.it would be awesome if the opened an Winco or Grocery outlet, hey maybe we will be lucky enough to get a Winco or Grocery outlet at the old Bernie and Boy’s store.

  4. I used to secret shop for Albertson’s and this store was by far the worst in terms of the condition of the store so I am not surprised they offloaded this location. Glad it is still a grocery store.

  5. Corey are Says:

    Folks should’ve closed the one at first and 128th, as theres another one not too far down the road on five corners.