Signs of change ahead at what was briefly the GAME Lounge

Just in case you are of the “I won’t believe it till I see it” school, regarding the GAME Collective medical-marijuana lounge making good on its plan to close its short-lived downtown White Center spot, these signs are proof … a for-sale sign we noted on the east side of the building, and a small “we’ve moved” note on the door.

It’s been three weeks now since DEA agents showed up at the lounge as part of a series of searches around the region at establishments they claimed were suspected of drug trafficking and money laundering. Last week, we reported what they seized.

While state law allows medical-marijuana use, any and all marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, which trumps state/local laws if and when the feds choose to enforce theirs. This location, by the way, was GAME’s lounge for a little over seven months; the Hang Around closed about a year before GAME moved in; its precedessor was The Wall.

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4 Responses to “Signs of change ahead at what was briefly the GAME Lounge”

  1. What a priceless Kodak moment. Good to hear.

  2. Thanks for the proof! Makes my day…

  3. It gets me that the Landlord gets and likes bad people there and throws out good people….What kind of person is this landlord?
    Now….Is this property for sale??…or for rent??

    The WALL…. Bad People
    The Hang Around.. Good People
    The G.A.M.E……Bad People.

    i guess the landlord really loves the thugs, drug dealers,prostitutes and drunks in the area. thats proof enough for us.

  4. These guys were bad actors. Other people in White Center give good quality service under the proper guidelines. It would be great if someone could open a quality restaurant in this location.