Tonight’s White Center Business Mixer, first report

By Deanie Schwarz
Reporting for White Center Now

The monthly Business Mixer, a White Center Community Development Association event for local businesses, was held tonight at 3.14 Bakery, hosted by owner Jessica Haury and the CDA.

People socialized and heard updates on upcoming projects in White Center, but also were introduced to two medical-marijuana businesses opening up within a half a block of each other on 16th SW in the next few weeks.

GAME Collective owner Brionne Corbray – whose existing businesses include one in West Seattle – and Herban Legends owner Chris Cody stood before the crowd of about 30 and were asked questions regarding security measures, business structures, licensing, hours of operation, current legislation and issues of legalities.

WCCDA Economic Development Director Nham Nguyen had invited the businesses’ owners hoping it would be an opportunity for a multifaceted discussion in the health and growth of the business district, but noted to WCN the disappointing absence of a representative from the King County Sheriff’s Office, which might have provided more authoritative answers to some of the group’s questions.

WCN has been invited to a tour of the GAME Collective “lounge” and will be following up with a look inside the newly remodeled building where the former Hang Around (preceded by The Wall) operated.

WCCDA Board members were present and read an official statement from the Board regarding the presence of the two new enterprises. We are awaiting a copy of the statement and will publish that in a subsequent report, along with the many other community updates shared at the event.

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2 Responses to “Tonight’s White Center Business Mixer, first report”

  1. Well its in Stone..The Governer Chris Gregoire will NOT Sign the bill/law letting Medical Marajuana allowed in Washington State to sell as to the Federal Government Attornies Office expilicily said, if this bill is passes by Washington Government, the people responsible will be arrested and prosecuted. for this is a UNITED STATES law. Washington State is not excluded from the USA and has to abide by the Nations law. So all that Medical Marajuana stores like Gane Collective and Herban Legends, You all can find some kind of other work and just move on and get the Hell out of White Center. Its not happening here! Especially WHITE CENTER! Thanks Gov. Gregiore.

  2. April 20th
    Cafe Rozella Day
    there 6yrs
    :) :) :) :) :) :)