NHUAC president’s farewell: “One person can make a difference”

What outgoing North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Greg Duff told us in that short interview before Thursday night’s meeting is close to what he said as the meeting ended: He recalled being inspired by the late Barb Peters (NHUAC member who died five months ago). The new Burien resident reminded his about-to-be-ex-councilmates, “The love you put into this community will change this community.” He was given a hearty round of applause before he brought the meeting-ending gavel down hard – one last time.

And the group itself is changing, now that the unincorporated area itself has shrunk, losing up to 16,000 people (during the meeting, Burien City Manager Mike Martin said early Census results indicated that might be the more accurate tally than the previous 14,000-person estimate for what is now “North Burien”).

Christine Waldman will take over as president – though she is not planning to run for re-election, so it will be a short tenure. Doug Harrell was elected vice president. And Patrick Mosley was elected to the council as a member-at-large.

Ron Johnson reminded his fellow councilmembers, and the audience, that they have several applications for upcoming elections but still need more – the deadline is next Monday (April 5) and there’s plenty of information (and application links) on the NHUAC home page.

Duff and outgoing council member Ray Helms (who also is now a Burien resident) got a surprise during the meeting – Linda Robson, representing King County Councilmember Jan Drago, presented the two with certificates honoring their service as “invaluable.” It was clearly a surprise to Duff when one of the councilmembers told him at the meeting’s start that Robson would be an addition to the agenda; he hesitated a bit while repeating the announcement, and someone joked, “You’ve been in Burien too long.”

More to come from the Thursday night meeting in our upcoming report/s.

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