Roxbury Safeway to start closing earlier

We’ve learned that three local Safeway stores, including the one just west of White Center on SW Roxbury, will start closing an hour earlier as of this Wednesday (January 10). The other two are in West Seattle. Regional spokesperson Sara Osborne explains, “Almost all our stores in City of Seattle close at midnight or 11 pm once those three are included. The decision was made out of concern for the safety of our associates and customers because we are experiencing a significant increase of violent incidents and major theft, especially at late hours.” The Safeway at 1st and 148th in Burien already closes at midnight.

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2 Responses to “Roxbury Safeway to start closing earlier”

  1. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. This also explains why lately they’ve shut down the Northern door in favor of always funneling everyone through the Southern door, to the detriment of everyone who gets there by car instead of on foot.