FOLLOWUP: White Center Food Bank moving into new home, showing off mural

(Also published on partner site West Seattle Blog)

The White Center Food Bank is moving into its new home, and sent these photos to show off its new mural:

The mural’s lead artists are Jake Prendez (of Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery) and Rafa Diaz; community members assisted. WCFB spokesperson Randy Nguyen says, “We’re so excited to be in our new spot. Our expected date of opening to the public is January 8th.” They’re also planning a grand-opening party for January 12. The building at 10016 16th SW has been undergoing renovations since last March; they had to move from their longtime county-owned location at 8th/108th because it’s being redeveloped. You can read more about the new WCFB site here.

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2 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: White Center Food Bank moving into new home, showing off mural”

  1. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  2. This stretch of 16th is going to look so much more inviting with the new storefront and mural. Now we need someone to do something with the storefront across the street!