Convicted arsonist dies of overdose in White Center

A familiar name was on today’s list of deaths investigated by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office: Matthew Robert-David Hicks. The KCMEO says Hicks is the 38-year-old man who died at the Lotus/Little Caesar’s restaurant building at 10439 16th SW last Friday, and lists his cause of death as an accidental overdose including fentanyl and methamphetamine. Hicks is the man who pleaded guilty to the arson that destroyed the former Yarington’s Funeral Home site at 16th/107th, a few blocks from where he died. Court records show he was sentenced to 13 months in 2021, but had already served more than half that time. Then in February of last year, he was charged with assaulting a man, and found guilty last December, subsequently sentenced to 19 months, but again had already served more than half the time by then. We don’t know how long Hicks had been out of prison at the time of his death.

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